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At SCI Lease Corp., (“SCI”, “we”, “us” and “our”) we are committed to appropriately handling and protecting your personal information. In this Privacy Statement, “you” means a lessee or potential lessee who has requested or received financing from SCI.

Personal Information We Collect
SCI collects personal information about you in order to provide you services, including in connection with the motor vehicle leasing process.
In addition to the personal information that you provide to us, with your consent, we may collect information from third parties, including credit reporting agencies, collection agencies, financial institutions, insurance companies, insurance brokers, your past, present and future employers, creditors and landlords, motor vehicle dealers, government agencies and your spouse.

We may collect the following personal information:

            • Contact information such as your name, postal address, e-mail address and telephone number;
            • Information we receive from you in connection with your application for credit, including employment information and your income, information regarding your debts and expenses, home rental or ownership information and the amount of your rental or mortgage payments, financial institution information, and other information to assist in obtaining a credit report;
            • Your driver’s license number;
            • Banking information including your account number and other information needed for pre-authorized payments;
            • Information and documents to help us verify your identity;
            • Information regarding the vehicle that you lease or propose to lease and in connection with your lease or proposed lease transaction, including your payment history;
            • Information we obtain about you from credit reporting agencies;
            • Information to help us improve our delivery of services to you, including for example your preferences, service needs and specific feedback; and
            • Other information obtained with your consent or as otherwise permitted or required by law.

You are not required to provide us with your social insurance number (“SIN”). However, if you do provide your SIN to us, with your consent, we may use your SIN as a unique identifier to ensure that the credit information we are requesting is about you, rather than someone else with the same or similar name.
If you speak with one of our representatives by telephone, the call may be recorded or monitored for the following reasons:

              • To establish a record of the information that you provide;
              • To take or verify instructions from you;
              • To confirm your identity;
              • To maintain quality service levels; and
              • To assist in staff training.

How and Why We Use Your Personal Information

We may use the personal information we collect about you during the credit application process and once you have entered into a lease with us to operate and manage our lease program, including as follows:

              • to evaluate your credit application and ongoing creditworthiness and solvency;
              • to enter into a lease with you;
              • to manage, administer, collect amounts owing under and enforce any such lease;
              • to respond to your inquiries regarding any credit application and any resulting lease;
              • to allow the motor vehicle dealer and manufacturer to meet safety, legal and regulatory requirements, including with respect to potential recalls and to maintain the warranty and customer service records on leased vehicles;
              • to meet legal, regulatory, insurance, security and internal policy requirements;
              • to verify or confirm your identity;
              • to investigate and adjudicate claims, including to defend and bring legal actions;
              • to maintain our records for reasonable periods;
              • in connection with any proposed or actual business transaction that we may enter into as described under “Disclosure of Personal Information”;
              • with your consent, for marketing purposes including to develop and implement customer programs, including communicating with you by providing you with materials such as offers, updates and information which may be of interest to you; we will not use your credit or banking information for marketing purposes;
              • any other purpose to which you consent or which is permitted or required by law.

Disclosure of Personal Information

We may disclose your information to our affiliates, service providers and assignees, and to certain third parties (and their assignees and agents) in order to fulfill the purposes outlined above. In order to enter into a lease with you, to provide you with the products and services you request and to administer your lease, we may disclose your personal information to third parties including credit reporting bureaus, financial institutions, insurance companies, insurance brokers, vehicle manufacturers, motor vehicle dealers, government agencies, and persons to whom you have applied for credit.
Your personal information may be transferred to a third party or parties to be used for the same purposes described herein if a lease agreement that you enter into with SCI is transferred or assigned to such third party or parties, or to an organization in connection with the due diligence for, and completion of, a business transaction, including, without limitation, a securitization or financing involving SCI or its subsidiaries or affiliates. If you enter into a lease agreement with us, with your consent, we may from time to time disclose details of your lease agreement, including payment history information, to credit reporting agencies, which may assist other lenders in assessing your creditworthiness.

Data Retention and Access

For personal information provided in connection with the motor vehicle leasing process, the personal information contained in your file shall be made available only to the employees, representatives, and agents of SCI and its affiliates and assignees who require it in the course of the performance of their duties or mandates. The personal information in your file will be used to make any relevant decisions in order to achieve the object of the file.
The motor vehicle leasing file relating to you created by SCI shall be kept at SCI’s offices in Markham, Ontario. SCI may use service providers located outside of Canada, including in the United States and overseas, to store and process your personal information and any motor vehicle leasing application submitted by you. As such, foreign governments, courts and regulatory agencies in foreign jurisdictions may be able to obtain disclosure of your personal information in accordance with the laws of such jurisdictions. SCI may transfer your personal information outside of Canada. You have the right to obtain access to the personal information in your file and to rectify any personal information in your file that is inaccurate, incomplete, ambiguous or out-of-date. You may contact us by using one of the methods set out below under “Contacting Us”.

Your Consent

You can refuse to consent to SCI’s collection, use or disclosure of personal information. However, SCI may then not be able to provide you with the products or services you request. Subject to legal and contractual restrictions, you may withdraw your consent to SCI’s further collection, use or disclosure of certain information at any time by giving SCI reasonable notice. However, you may not be permitted to withdraw your consent to certain necessary collections, uses and disclosures of your personal information (for example, SCI needs to maintain reasonable business and transaction records). If you have provided your consent and you later decide that you do not want your personal information used or shared for marketing purposes, you may withdraw your consent by using one of the methods set out below under “Contacting Us”.


SCI updates this Privacy Statement from time to time in order to comply with applicable legislation and privacy standards and to better service our customers. If this Privacy Statement changes in the future, we will post an updated version on our website. You can tell if it has changed by checking the effective date that appears at the bottom of this Privacy Statement. If we intend to use or disclose your personal information for purposes materially different than those described in this Privacy Statement, we will make reasonable efforts to notify affected individuals and obtain appropriate consent (if necessary).

Contacting Us

If you have any questions about this Privacy Statement, or need to provide notice to, or communicate with SCI regarding this Privacy Statement, please contact SCI by clicking Contact Us, or by delivery in person, courier or mail, to SCI at:

SCI Lease Corp.
Attention: Privacy Officer
7030 Woodbine Avenue, Suite 802, Markham, Ontario L3R 6G2 Canada
(905) 415-6233
(866) 341-5323×2323


Effective Date: February 2016